The flagship business fest of IIMK, Backwaters, creates a platform for students and academicians from leading institutes of the country to test their business acumen across all verticals of management. What started as a spark has today grown into being one of the most anticipated fests in the Indian B-School scenario. Bigger than any of its previous editions and with never before seen events, workshops and initiatives, Backwaters 2016 is all set to shake up the Indian B-world.


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CSK 10 months ago

The lions are back! Backwaters announces launch of its Flagship event - Return of the pride. This is your chance to formulate the relaunch strategy for CSK and impress CSK management team!

Pips & Profit 10 months ago

Pips and Profit is currently underway. Please visit Quizzinginc page of Pips and Profit for more details.

Insights 10 months ago

First round (Quiz) is scheduled on 19-Oct-2016 23:00 Hrs.

Strategem 10 months ago

The Submission deadline for Strategem extended to 19-Oct-2016 23:59 hrs.